What Does 100 Cubic Feet Look Like?


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Just take 100, 1'x1'x1' boxes and stack them into a square.
That will give you a visual of 100 cubic feet..
It will come out like a square L5' x W5' x H4' 25 boxes each layer stacked 4 layers high.
Or L4' x W4' x H5' 20 boxes each layer stacked 5 layers high.
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A cubic foot is a unit of volume which is widely used in the USA, Canada as well as the United Kingdom. It can be described as the volume of a cube, every side of which measures one foot.

One cubic foot equals 1728 inches, hence 100 cubic feet equals 2.83168466 square meters to be exact.

Measuring an area in cubic feet can be best implemented with the help of boxes as they have the desired cubic shape. For example, taking any of the commonly available boxes, one can gain a visual estimate as follows:

For example, take a wooden pallet measuring 40 inches into 48 inches and stack the boxes on it. To get the total volume, the length width and height of the stack should be calculated. For example, taking an ordinary medium size box measuring 18 x 18 x 16 inches, around 24 boxes would be able to fir measuring up to eighty cubic feet.
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Your numbers are mostly correct, but your wording is sloppy. One cubic foot is not any number of inches, it is 1728 cubic inches. 100 cubic feet is not any number of square meters, it is about 2.83168466 cubic meters. And you make the gigantic leap from giving the conversion of one cubic foot to cubic inches to the number of cubic meters in 100 cubic feet with the word "hence", as if everyone knows off the top of their head how many cubic meters are in 172,800 cubic inches!

Finally, I'm not sure what 40 inches into 48 inches means; maybe 40 to 48 inches, or 40 by 48 inches. But 24 boxes of the size you specify would measure exactly 72 cubic feet. Since we are trying to visualize 100 cubic feet, why not say that 33 such boxes would be 99 cubic feet, or almost 100, instead of picking a number of boxes that measure 72 and saying that around that number are able to measure up to 80?

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