What Does Biome Mean?


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Biome is a broad, regional type of ecosystem. It is an ecological community of organisms and environments. A biome is characterized by the plant and animal life of that region. Thus it can be said that it is a broad natural assemblage of living things with common vegetation and climate. Thus all the ecosystems of a similar type is known as biome. Biomes are of different types. All the biomes together make up the biosphere. They can be best distinguished with the help of their climate, flora and fauna.

Each biome exhibit unique qualities but may share some qualities with other biomes. The desert biome, the tundra biome, aquatic biome, the forest biome etc are some of the examples of biomes. These distinctions help to make their study easier to biologists and ecologists.
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A regional community such as a grassland or desert.  Where it is chief characteristics are a dominant form of plant life and prevailing climate.
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Biome is a large region characterized by a specific type of climate and certain types of plant and animal communities.

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