The bad effects of the physical change in our environment?


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Pollution causes physical changes in our environment, such as acid rain (rain that contains toxic chemicals), smog, and the premature deaths of animals, birds, and marine life. If you've seen the impact of oil spills, you'll know that mankind is usually involved in the destruction of the environment (if inadvertently) and the physical changes it brings. Physical changes mean changes that you can see or touch or feel.

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In a sense, we've all experienced physical changes to the environment in a personal way, such as swimming in waters that might be polluted, or getting rained on, or even dealing with bears who lurk around residences because they have been pushed out of their normal habitats by urban sprawl. In general, all effects of physical changes to the environment are negative. Basically, air is dirtier than it used to be, and water is also more polluted; activists and politicians try to stem the tide of physical changes by making tougher laws about environmental pollution, and by getting their hands dirty by cleaning things up.

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To understand more about the bad effects of the physical change in our environment, visit websites, such as Greenpeace's official website, that offer perspective on a range of global issues related to pollution and corporate abuses of the environment. To become an activist, consider donating your time and money to agencies that work to support a cleaner, greener environment - there are plenty of these "watchdog" agencies on the World Wide Web, and many of them are very worthwhile, registered charities (or highly respected, for-profit agencies).

Pollution is the main side effect of a changing physical environment, and global warming may also be a prime factor. Drastic changes in weather, health symptoms related to polluted air and water, and other negative side effects are experienced by thousands of people every day.

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