What Is The Use Of Physics In Our Daily Life?


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Without physics, we surprisingly would have very little of our modern technology of today and the understanding that we have of the universe, thus far. Physics itself allows us to understand through the work of scientists how the world and its different elements work, such as how kinetic energy and mass work. Basically, every aspect of our life and everything around us comes as a result of something to do with physics.

Without physics, we wouldn't have things such as:

• Light from electric sources
• Vehicles such as cars, boats and planes
• Electricity itself

Physics is the study of nature and organisms on the planet. It involves looking at different life forms and their habitats, observing how different animals survive in different circumstances and environments. It helps us get a clearer understanding regarding why we are actually here, explaining some elements of how we live on this planet.

It is one of the oldest of the branches of science known, given that it is the study of something that has been around as long as we have. Technically, it has been around even longer than we have, due to it being the study of life itself and everything around us. Physics has been known as part of natural philosophy in connection with chemistry too, for the past two millennia. Now, however, they are branches within their own rights, each with their own research in different topics to their own.

Physics is incredibly important for our survival and new scientists are needed every day. Due to the recent slipping in interest regarding the sciences of late in schools, science needs to be brought back into the limelight and shown for the complete importance that it has over our everyday lives as human beings.

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