How How Can Science Build Or Destroy Society And The Environment?


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While there are a number of inventions and developments within science that have benefited society and the environment while there are others that could destroy it. Many may argue that science has helped build the society through the development of medicine, transport and technology while others may suggest that scientific projects, such as nuclear weapons, could destroy it. Whether benefiting or possibly destroying, science has had a major influence on society and the environment.

  • Medicine.
Medicine is classified as the science and art of healing. Health science has introduced the discoveries and inventions of medical treatments that have helped saved lives over hundreds of years. The prevention and treatment of illnesses is a concept that has been studied and researched by scientists for millennia. These discoveries have benefited and built on society to improve human life as well as extend it.
  • Transport.
Scientists have researched and developed transport so that, in the modern world, there is the option to travel by car, train, bus or plane. The science behind the transport has built up society so that people can travel freely. Public transport is now a facility that is taken for granted and is one that would not exist without science.
  • Nuclear Weapons.
Some may argue that science could destroy society and the environment through the invention of nuclear weapons. Capable of wiping out hundreds of miles of life, nuclear weapons are one of the most feared scientific products in the world. This is a concept that is viewed very differently by many. While some argue that it could be the end of the world, others argue that without the science behind nuclear weapons we would not have been able to create nuclear power. Nuclear power is an energy source that could help the planet in the long run.

Many will argue the ways in which science can both build and destroy society and the environment. The three examples mentioned above are just a few of the many examples to prove and disprove these arguments.

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