What's It Called When A Solid Turns Into A Gas?


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The process through which a solid turns to a gas without first melting is called Sublimation. There are a number of compounds that sublime, such as dry ice, solid iodine, naphthalene, camphor, menthol etc. But that happens with specific temperature and humidity ranges.
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Some solids upon heating,instead of changing into liquids,are converted into vapours this is known as sublimation.examples are iodine, ammonium chloride, naphthalene and camphor.
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The transition from a solid to a gas is called sublimation. Is this what you are looking for?
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Solid carbon(dried ice) can turn into gas before it turns into a liquid because its atoms are so cold, that in room temperature, they feels like they`re burning up. So they're super charged, which makes them turn into a gas, because they`re so charged up. My science teacher taught me this just today
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Sublimation! Must b the answer
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Dry ice is one. You can check a periodic table of elements for others. (You look at the melting and boiling point.)
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Dry Ice , do not know the scientific name for it, but it vaporizes into a gas from it's solid form.
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It's called digestion, silly. Especially if that solid consists of beans and cauliflower. And gas... oh, never mind!    "Sublimation" would be the correct answer if posted in the sub-category of Chemistry, not Puzzles, Riddles & Jokes here!
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Sublimation is the chemical process by which a solid substance is converted to a vapor without going through an intermediary solid phase.
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Surprisingly, there
are situations where a material will go directly from solid to gas, completely
skipping the liquid state or phase. This is called sublimation. For details
click on Sublimation.
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Their are many examples of this very thing!
I would suggest you read up on Faraday, and Absolute Zero!
And their is those three PLUS, Plasma and Boise-Einstein Condensate to consider, ALSO!
Their are 5 states of mater and your only looking at three!
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Dry Ice. What were you making sure I knew what I was talking about. LOL
    joke...just joking
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Intumescence.it also goes the other way.a gas state directly to a solid.sometimes the word used is intuminescence.
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Ice cubes (dry ice turn in to CO2) in the freezer slowly contract because they become water vapor, and in winter season the snow on the footpath, if it remains cold enough, gradually evaporates without turning into liquid.

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