Who sing the gospel song thank you for the sunshine thank you for the rain thats why i got to give you the praise?


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The song 'Thank You for the Sunshine' was sung by Little Debbie Dee and appears as the seventh track on her 2003 album, Little Debbie Dee. The song was originally written by J Avery & V Frazier.

The album can be purchased or downloaded on Amazon. Little Debbie Dee released a follow-up album in 2006 entitled He's Got the Whole World. She also released a live DVD in 2006, Little Debbie Dee Live.

'Thank You for the Sunshine' was also recorded by former teen pop star Steve Alaimo and appears on his 1997 compilation, Anthology. The song first appeared as a b-side on his single, 'Watching the Trains Go By.'

Watch these YouTube users perform along to Little Debbie Dee's 'Thank You for the Sunshine':

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