A growing number of businesses- including videogame developers, cigarette companies, soft drink producers, liquor marketers, and fast chains-are feeling the heat from government, the press, and society at large for encouraging harmful consumer habits?


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Naturally, these industries are feeling the heat and suffering damage from the government and the press. These industries have been in existence for a long time, but it seems that many pressure groups and the government are doing everything they can to try and stop the industries.

In fact, this isn’t true. What the government is actually doing is warning the public about the dangers relating to these kinds of products, and encouraging people to purchase less. This isn’t a direct attack at the industries, but is instead a method of getting the public at large to start eating more healthily, be more proactive, and smoke less to reduce the risk of cancer of the lungs.

Of course, many people know the dangers relating to these products and continue to buy them anyway. This is because of things like addiction, especially in regards to cigarettes. People become addicted to cigarettes, and they become such a part of their lives that they really don’t care all that much about the associated problems in the future.

Other people will continue buying the products because they simply enjoy them too much. This is in the case of video games, particularly, whereby people continue to buy them despite efforts by the government to get people out and doing more exercise.

While it remains that the government and other organizations are trying to stop people from buying as much as they used to, these industries will always exist. Without them we will lose a huge part of our culture, and too many people will be inconvenienced by such a huge change. The industries will be fine.
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It happens mostly to quiet protest  groups and the public for awhile and is supposed to fool us into thinking that something is being done nherte to correct this but these companies contribute big time at elections so why would Big Brother want to bite off the hand that feeds them?

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