What Is Beryllium And How Can It Be Used?


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Beryllium is used as an alloying agent in producing Beryllium Copper it is used for making springs, spot welding electrodes, electrical contacts, non sparking tools plus structural material for high speed aircraft missiles, space craft and communication satellites.

Other uses are as windshield frame, brake discs, support beams other structural components of the space shuttle.

It is alo used in X-Ray lithograph for reproduction of micro miniature reproduction circuits, nuclear reactors, gyroscope.

Computers parts and instruments where lightness, stiffness and dimensional stability is required.

The Oxide has a very high melting point and is also used in nuclear and ceramic applications.

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Also referred to as glucinum, beryllium is a metallic element that is quite rare in nature. Its extraction results from electrolytic reduction of the chloride that one obtains from the mineral beryl – that is exactly where beryllium gets its name from. Beryllium is very brittle in texture and its weight is not that much as it feels very light when felt in the hand. It is white in color and is not at all reactive to water or air- that is the reason as to why beryllium does not tarnish or gets rusted like iron that reacts to dampness of air of the level of humidity in the atmosphere.

As for the uses for beryllium has a very important role in aerospace technology. Moreover it is also used for electrodes that, in turn, are used for making neon signs. Beryllium oxide, in addition to the previously mentioned uses, has a very valuable utility of being used as a refractory metal.
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Beryllium is an element of the periodic table in group 2, which makes it an alkaline earth metal. It has the atomic number 4 and the atomic weight 9, which means it has four protons and 5 neutrons in its nucleus, which is orbited by four electrons.

Beryllium is a metal that melts at 298 degrees Kelvin. It is grey, but not very shiny and occurs in foil, lump and powder form.

Beryllium is extracted from the naturally occurring ore that is known as beryl. This forms the precious stones of aquamarine and emerald but the normal beryl ore is used for extraction purposes. Extraction is a very complicated affair – the ore, which has the formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6] is heated with sodiuk hexaflurosilicate at 700 degrees Celsius to form beryllium fluoride. This dissolves in water and the addition of water removes the beryllium fluoride. It can then be precipitated from solution by changing the pH to pH 12. This causes the insoluble beryllium hydroxide to form.
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Beryllium is a chemical element found in a solid form, lead grey coloured metal, found in form of foil, lump as well as powder. Mostly used to harden alloys, Beryllium is hard, lightweight, but is brittle in nature. Because of its lightness and ability to absorb extreme temperatures it is used extensively in materials by the defence, manufacturing of satellites and aerospace sector.

Beryllioum has properties that can block out X-Rays. It is used as a neutron reflector and as a moderator in nuclear reactors. Beryllium was used earlier in making of fluorescent lighting tubes. Beryllium is carcinogenic in nature and exposure to this metal can cause some serious ill effects. The researches warn of serious mal-effects in case one is exposed to inhaling or ingesting Beryllium.
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Beryllium is a light metal that is like a grey color. Has 5  neutrons in its neuclies has 1 isotope was founded in 1798

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