How Does Sulphur Dioxide Effect The Environment?


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It mixes with water to make acid rain. It can cause an asthma attack and causes irriation to eyes and lung, and can cause bronchitis. It is worst when you are causes errosion to buildings and can interfere with the soil in the ground.
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Almost all the sulphur dioxide in the air comes from industrial sources. Industrial smelters, which obtain metals from sulphide ores, produce tones of sulphur dioxide daily. Half of the output of sulphur dioxide comes from the burning of coal. All coal contains between 0.5 and 5 percent sulphur.
The sulphur dioxide escapes up chimneys into the atmosphere. Worldwide, 150 million tones a year are emitted. The emission is growing as countries become more industrialized. Most of the coal is burned in power stations. These are always situated in densely populated regions where the demand for electricity is high and where there are plenty to breathe in the sulphur dioxide.
Sulphur dioxide is a colourless gas with a very penetrating and irritating smell. It is poisonous; at a level of 0.5%, it will kill. The immediate effects of inhaling sulphur dioxide are coughing, chest pains and shortness of breath. Sulphur dioxide is thought to contribute to bronchitis and lung diseases. Sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen are present in exhaust gases of coal and oil fired power stations. In the atmosphere, these gases react with water vapour to form acid rain. Acid rain can damage lakes and fish, trees and building materials such as stone, concrete, metal and cement.
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Basically sulfur dioxide has two kinds of effects. There are Environmental effects and there are effects on health.

Environmental :
If present in low concentrations, it can be very harmful to plants and trees and can affect the crops. More concentrated amounts, for example those found in acid rain can affect land and water ecosystems badly.

Exposure to concentrated sulfur can cause irritation in the eyes, nose and throat. It also causes choking and coughing. If eyes are exposed to liquid sulfur, it can cause severe burns which can result in the loss of sight. It causes burns on the skin and can also cause headache, anxiety and discomfort. If there is less concentrated sulfur dioxide, it can cause wheezing and lung damage in case of people who have heart problems.

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Sulphur dioxide emissions, along with nitrogen oxides, combine with water in the atmosphere to form acidifying compounds. These are later deposited on the earth's surface and can cause acidification of soil and lakes. Many areas of Western Canada have alkaline soils that tend to neutralize "acid rain" effects. In sensitive wetlands, such as nutrient-poor bog areas in northern Alberta, nitrogen oxide emissions may cause the rapid growth of bog mosses, resulting in potential changes to the ecosystem.
I hope this helps!!!
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SO2+2H2O=2H+H2SO4 this is the equation for Sulphuric Acid and yields acid rain.
The effect's of Sulphuric Acid are to lengthy to discuss in this forum.
Please direct your browser to for further explanation.
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It contributes to respiratory illness, particularly in children and the elderly, and aggravates existing heart and lung diseases.

it contributes to the formation of acid rain, which:
  • damages trees, crops, historic buildings, and monuments; and
  • makes soils, lakes, and streams acidic.

it contributes to the formation of atmospheric particles that cause visibility impairment, most noticeably in national parks.
it can be transported over long distances.

Sulphur Dioxide and the pollutants formed from SO2, such
as sulfate particles, can be transported over long distances and
deposited far from the point of origin.  This means that problems with SO2 are not confined to areas where it is emitted.
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Sulfur (American Spelling) or Sulphur (English Spelling), generally just causes quite a bit of trouble sometimes, without some of us even knowing. It mainly turns into acidic rain which obviously comes back down to Earth, resulting in trees and statues being damaged. Even killing fish in some cases, this is why we have to be careful.
Acidic Rain Kills Fish + We catch Fish + We Eat the Fish = ?
We need to be careful in what we eat and take care knowing where it has come from, if we eat acidic fish it can harm our bodies.
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The effects of sulphur dioxide, SO2 are to produce acid rain from the addition of water from atmosphere, 
H2SO4 this is  sulphuric acid. The effects of acid rain are all negative.
The effect's range from bleaching of the oceans to respiratory illnesses. The bleaching of the oceans causes what are called 'dead zones' where there exists a pronounced degree of depletion of O2 (Oxygen) in the oceans, this leads to death of the reef's and all ocean life.
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Sulfur dioxide or SO2 is produced by many industries as a by-product especially in petrochemical industries, coal and petroleum contains sulfur compounds. These compounds when combusted generate SO2. This gas when evaporated in air in the presence of a catalyst NO2 forms H2SO4, thus causing acid rain. This acid rain adversely affects plantation, aquatic life and wild life.
Sulphur dioxide even in its crude form is dangerous for humans as I may cause lung cancer and nervous breakdown.
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It greatly upset the earth atmosphere by increasing the rate of global warming. Let me break it down for you, see;
SO2 + H2O___WILL GIVE U______  H2SO4    this is sulphuric acid
This acid is produced when the gas reacts with water in the air. So this acid is greatly harmful coz it will scotch up the plant leaves of every vegetation life on earth. And when this happens the carbon dioxide( emitted from car exhaust) will not be converted to oxygen and as thus the gas(CO2)  will build up in the atmosphere. 
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Sulfur, or Sulphur is first found in Genesis. There are high volumes of Sulfur beneath the Dead sea in Israel
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The Sulfur dioxide gas is created as a main product from the combustion of sulfur compounds.It is considered very dangerous for the environment and has the formula SO2.

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