What Are The Disadvantages Of The Car On The Environment?


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The disadvantages of a car on the environment are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, solid waste, depletion of land space and depletion of fossil fuels for energy use.

Air pollution: Motor vehicles of all descriptions account for about 34 per cent of lethal nitrogen dioxide that is emitted into the earth's atmosphere. Vehicles are also responsible for about 50 per cent of carbon monoxide emissions, 33 per cent carbon dioxide emissions and 10 per cent of particulate emissions. Acid rain is caused by nitrogen dioxide which encourages algae growth. Particulate is commonly known as soot. The soot pollutes the water on the ground and causes haze. Carbon monoxide in a large concentration is able to cause death. In smaller doses it can cause nausea, difficulty in breathing and headaches. Carbon dioxide significantly contributes to the earth's global warming.

Water pollution: Cars pollute through the runoff of oil, chemicals, brake dust and automotive fluids. Pumps that leak at petrol stations are another culprit. Ground water is contaminated with motor oil that is improperly disposed of.

Noise pollution: There are 250 million vehicles within the USA alone and this is a major noise factor in the cities.

Solid waste: Over 10 million vehicles are scrapped each year. About 25 per cent will not be recycled and are tossed into landfills. Millions of tyres will also be scrapped every year.

Land space: Within the USA alone, vehicles take up over 13,000 sq miles of the land. Approximately another 4,000 sq miles is taken up by roads.

Energy use: Vehicles will also utilise large amounts of the fossil fuels that are dwindling. Cars and light trucks account for about 43 per cent of the petroleum that is burned each year. 

For over 100 years, motor vehicles have provided people with reliable transportation, but it has definitely impacted negatively on the environment.
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Few disadvantages can be as follow,

- It creates pollution.
- Excessive cars on roads generates traffic problem.
- It can also creates some noise pollution if engine is not working properly.
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I think that the disadvantages of the car on the environment is that the pollution it make the the environments is really bad for the whole world I think that even now a days the young one do not try to drive it with good they go for to drive it more faster and so risk full I think that these are the disadvantages of the car.
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The car emits carbon monoxide which is a problem.The fuel that is necessary is also scarce and so that is another problem.But scientists are working on replace fuel with bio gas and also emissions lessened through electric cars.
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The car releases toxic emission that damage our environment and green house effect. Car also releases carbon dioxide which is not only damaging our environment but also human respiratory system. 
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Well, It's always a good idea to start with an introduction,-
for example you could explain the car, it's uses and then what your research will explain.
The advantages AND disadvantages count too, simply writing down the points are worth marks, however elaborating on your points get you more marks, that's how I got a good mark, you could also finish off with a conclusion on your opinion, or in the middle of both subtitles, explain what scientists are doing to try and prevent this and how this is still a problem after all those years of developing cars =] Good Luck
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Pollutes the air
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A car can cause pollution because if we are using it, it release harmful gases that causes pollution..^_^
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Cars make the atmosphere becomes more pollution than it has.Furthermore,they influence to human heath although they have a lot of undeniable advantages .
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The fluids during automatic transmission exchange or repair, or re-manufacturing may have side effects on the environment; the major one is pollution. It can be controlled if these processing of the car is done carefully and in an eco-friendly way.

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Of course, these are air pollution and industrial hazards. Even the production and disposal of electric vehicles is very bad for the environment. Therefore, I choose to buy used cars from longo and do not understand why people have more than 2 cars in a family and update new cars every 4-5 years.

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Big problem due to I don't know how to write an essay of advantages and disadvantages of using car? Pls help me

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