Will It Take 3.5 Litres Of LPG Gas To One Cubic Meter Reading?


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The key point here is that domestic LPG is stored as a pressurised liquid, but when it arrives at the meter and point of use, it is under less pressure, and has expanded into a gas.  So, 1 litre of (pressurised) LPG as liquid is equivalent to 0.25 m3 of gas. To convert the oft-quoted price of LPG (given in pence per litre) to the oft-measured and invoiced m3 price, multiply the pence per litre  by 4 (eg a price of 34p/litre = £1.36/m3)..

It seems clear to me that the supply of LPG continues to be bedevilled by deliberate confusion by the suppliers, in an attempt to exploit customers despite the best efforts of the Competition Commission.

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