What will happens in 21 may 2011~21 dec 2012?


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It's believed that the human conciousness is going to shift for a final time. The mayans believed that the circle of evolution/life happens in segments, our segment started at the beginning of the Mayan calander we know and it's coming to it's end in Dec 2012. They based this theory on the movement of the

stars and planets which also ties in with the scientific fact that in

Dec 2012 our solar system will be perfectly aligned and at the perfect

centre of our galaxy for the first time in millions of years, this event

last happened long before life ever started on this planet so no-one

knows for sure what the outcome will be. There are many theories even

going as far as the planet turning on it axis which personally I think

is highly unlikely but we are going to see a lot of devastation which is

happening already in the form of earthquakes, volcanos, severe

droughts, floods etc etc... As you've probably seen on the news this is

happening already and I have a feeling it will get worse in the lead up

to 2012. The gravitational pull of the alignment in the galaxy is

obviously going to have an effect on the structure of our planet and

cause things to shift about a bit but this catastrophe is going to make

us humans as a whole take a step back and re-evaluate the way things are

and we'll come out of the other end better people. What's happening in

Lybia is diabolical but it still pales in significance compared to what

mother nature is starting to dish out. There is no-one person that is

more powerful than the Earth itself, that's what we'll all finally

realise and wake to. I've learnt from personal experience that to

achieve something pure, good and worthwhile you often have to suffer

first. That's just the way life is. Sometimes a forest fire has to

happen in order for the land to be more fertile and grow better.

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