What Is Happening? Earthquakes, Floods, Winter Storms, Tsunamis Other Physical Events Happening On Our Planet. Are We Doomed? Today 2/27/10 We Are Having Devastating Events Happening Around The World. Will 2012 Be The End Of The World?


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I hope it wont happen, but look at the people in this world today...it has become money over faith, which is not good. There are a lot of mean people on the earth...The earth is too mean.  I pray all the time that I don't want it to happen, but we are not the one to decide...People have to start listening to these signs, I think god is giving us signs. We have to start praying beleiving loving, and have confidence in god, other then that he is going to be the one that decidea. It was said the humans will ruin the earth by them selves, look at what is happening, the glaciers are melting, The war in Iraq, Global warming, the weather that we have like winter storms, is because of global warming. Everything in inset. Other than that he is going to be the one to decide, god .....
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Excellent answer, I agree. The Earth needs a cleansing, a purging of all that is evil. Perhaps after Armageddon a new Earth may emerge but without the type of culture we have developed over the millenniums.
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I agree with some of these answers that  many of the things that we see or hear of ,that are happening in our times have happened before.  BUT I also see that mankind has NEVER before used and abused the earth and all the living creatures in it to the limits that he does today. Not just that there are 6 and a half billion people now ,thoughn it plays a part of course but it is the so called "advanced" modern ways of living that are crippling this planet.  All the unsustainability that we keep taking from, all theman made  chemicals that we keep putting in . Chemicals are causing most ot the illnesses that flourish today. Diet also causes hugh medical problems.
    There is a saying that " the more one gets,the more one wants"  and we can see this all around us. The biggest car, two cars, three cars to a family.    The biggest house. Two houses, even three or more for holidays.  Most people have become self centered and there is a lot of me me me around.
   We were told to look after the earth and ALL its creatures ( according to creation) ,yet we murder 60 Billion animals on earth each year , bred and raised in wicked conditions for our ( not necessary ) meat. We allow millions of babies and people to starve to death each year ,when everyone on earth could be fed from the ground. Vegetarians are written off as grass eaters and plonkers.
   If we have evolved and not been created as some believe then we should still consider everyone else on this earth and also the other creatures. That has to be ,logically the only way for a happier fairer planet.
  Mankind could rectify lots  things but obviously not natural occurences such as earthquakes. But he could change so very much . I doubt he will though and I myself ,being a believer, conclude that things are closing in on man because he will not change his destroying and selfish ways. I may be wrong but that is what I believe strongly. The world is doomed . It could have been so beautiful. It was all down to mankind.
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I do not think 2012 will be the end of the world. All of these natural disasters. The earth is on a cycle every so often it will cleanse itself...maybe we are just in the middle of one of those cycles. Earthquakes happen every single day....hundreds of them, and people die every single day. Don't get me wrong....the Earth will end one day...but I strongly believe it will be after 2012.
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Mankind is doomed. We are so doomed. We are doomed I tell you doomed. We should have all castrated ourselves and joined Marshall Applewhite and his heavens gate followers when they committed suicide in 1997 and rendezvous with that comet. Now it is too late. Doomed Doomed Doomed so Doomed did I say Doomed
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Well Blurters at least we have one optimistic person with us. I am with him won't you join us while we wait for the arrival of Halebop? Your traveling clothing and sneakers are waiting on your beds.
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I certainly hope not,but things are not looking too good for us at the moment.Maybe it's a planetary aberration that will pass in it's own time.
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Things like these happen all the time. Different weathers all around the world, different storms, many horrid.
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Always remember Earth is not infinite. We are barely a speck of sand on a beach. I doubt if we were to disappear, the universe would miss us. We are nothing and are only important to us.
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Of course, there would be a significant difference if the human race was wiped out on Earth. We're not talking very big when you compare with the universe. 2012 would be like a pimple being popped at the universe's ultimate face
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Hazards happen all the time in the world at very odd unexpected times. Don't be surprised about it.
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2012 will not be the end of the world. Catastrophes happen, people die every day; that's life. Humanity is logically doomed; someday we won't be here, but unfortunately that won't be any time soon.
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"unfortunately that won't be any time soon." I'm going to be 73, could you put that in writing please?
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Ha ha, well cosmologists say that the Sun won't turn into a Red Giant for at least another 5 millions years or so. As for the human race, we've been around for about 200,000 years, and we seems to like to devise more and more efficient ways of killing ourselves, so I'd give us another 5,000-10,000 years at most. But I have a pretty obviously biased opinion about people, so take that for what it is.
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Yeah, I think the weather and tectonic plate patterns are just coincidence. I think America's big problems are going to still be terrorism and war. We must figure out a way to stop religious extremists.
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2012: Almost all of the dangerous solar radiation will be absorbed by the Earth's ionosphere. At the worst you have your satellite tv knocked out if the heat shielding on the satellite is faulty when the big solar flares hit, so relax.

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