Is communication skill inborn or acquired?


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John McCann answered
Nothing much humans do of importance and above the superficial is not a product of both nature and environment.  Communication skill is no exception, but one can hone the communication skills one had innately. Many overcome a fear of speaking to crowds, but not many speak as well as a Churchill or an Obama.
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Lalala XD answered
Inborn and acquired both! Some people actually communicate very well. You can't even understand that how in a few minuted you'll became best buddies. But if you need to survive in such a world then I guess one should try understanding and try having such an ability. Coz its got many benifits. :)
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Kanxa answered
Nothing but you appearence & feaures are in-born... Rest of your personality, way of talking, way to walking, how to sit & stand, choosing your words, thoughts, deciding right or wrong is built by your own self... Through the ways & means you want to...
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Ray Ottewell answered
I would say acquired.

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