What's The Closest Ocean Coast To Nashville Tn?


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  • Mobile
Mobile is the closest coastal town to Nashville. It is 444 miles away and would take just over 7 hours to drive the distance.

Mobile is the third most populated city in Alabama with around 195,000 people in the city and over 413,000 in the surrounding Mobile area. It is located on the northern Gulf of Mexico and on the junction of the Mobile River and Mobile Bay.

Mobile's name originates from a Native American tribe called Mobilian; that originally lived in the area before French colonists arrived. Mobile was first a colony of France, followed by Britain then followed by Spain before becoming part of the US in 1810.

Mobile has the only seaport in Alabama and the 9th largest seaport in the entire USA. Consequently, Mobile became a major trading point between the French and the Native Americans.

Mobile is a major attraction for cultural enthusiasts due to the many cultural centers around the city. There are many museums, opera houses, historic architecture along with a symphony orchestra and a professional ballet company. Mobile also has the oldest carnival celebration in the US. The carnival has been running since the 18th century.

  • Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach is also fairly close to Nashville. Myrtle is 589 miles away and the drive would take 9 hours and 40 minutes with no breaks.

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful beach destination, particularly popular for vacations where people can enjoy the stunning coastline. Due to the popularity, there is also a massive amount of choices for accommodation, dining options and entertainment choices.

  • Charleston 
Charleston is another option and it is situated 549 miles away which would be an 8 and a half hour drive. Virginia Beach may be further still at 716 miles away from Nashville (12 hours drive) but many people feel that the drive is worth it due to the stunning location and beautiful beach.

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