Which Ocean Is Tennessee Closest To?


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Tennessee is actually closes to the Atlantic Ocean, which is found just on the opposite side of North Carolina. This is one of the states that borders with Tennessee. The Gulf of Mexico can be found to the South of Tennessee.

The state of Tennessee borders eight other states, which include Virginia and Kentucky to the north, and North Carolina to the east. Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama are south of Tennessee, whilst Missouri and Arkansas are on the Mississippi River to the west of the state. Tennessee ties Missouri as the state that borders the most other states on its borders in America.

The highest point within Tennessee is the famous Clingmans Dome, which is well over 2,000 m tall. The Clingmans Dome, at precisely 6,643 ft, lies on the eastern border of Tennessee. It is also the highest point on the Appalachian Trail.

The State line that’s found between Tennessee and North Carolina crosses the summit, and the lowest point in the state is the Mississippi River that is found at the Mississippi State line. The geographical center of Tennesee is found within Murfreesboro.

Constitutionally and geographically divided, Tennessee is a truly interesting state. It is divided, again both constitutionally and geographically, into three Grand divisions. These are East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. One more thing to mention that’s of interest, in terms of geography, is that Tennessee is home to the largest amount of caves in the US. It has over 8,350 caves currently registered, and this number continues to grow.
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The Atlantic, just on the other side of North Carolina, which is one of the states that borders Tennessee. The Gulf of Mexico is to the South of Tennessee.

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