How many moles of water are produced in this reaction? 2 C8H18 (g) + 25 O2 (g) ---> 16 CO2 (g) + 18 H2O (g)


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You have 18 formula moles but without further info, such as moles/mass of reactants, nothing more can be said about this problem.

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we can use the mole ratios here.

0.390 moles Octane x (25 moles O2 / 2 moles Octane) = 4.9 moles O2 ( needed)

0.63 moles O2 x ( 2 moles octane / 25 moles O2) = 0.0504 moles octane needed

Use amount of O2

0.63 moles O2 x (18 moles H2O / 25 moles O2)

= 0.4536 moles H2O

==> 0.4536 moles H2O produced. <==

You can more details about this quotations ,,,,by

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@ William Markenn

You are right, you don't know anything about this question and you " suggestion " will be reported.
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I thought this ans would be above quation....but I gave one link that would be very useful .
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No, it did not answer the question. How did you expect to get product moles without reactant moles/grams to drive the reaction?

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