What is the normal IgE level?


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The normal immunoglobulin E level for a human being is 0.05%, making it the least available antibody isotope.

  • What is immunoglobulin E?
Immunoglobulin E is a type of antibody found in the mammalian immune system. It is linked to allergy, hypersensitivity and parasitic worms. It is thought to be important in developing and sustaining immunity to protozoic parasites. Even though it only makes up a tiny part of mammalian blood, it is highly potent and has a number of unique functions. It was first discovered in Japan in 1966.

  • How it works
IgE works by binding to Fc receptors on cells within the body. By doing this, it triggers reactions with certain bodily chemicals that fight allergies. It is also believed to play a part in making the body aware when it develops a cancer.

  • The structure of immunoglobulin E
The structure of IgE was discovered in 2002 by the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics, and since then, the team have worked on developing a drug which neutralises IgE that has not successfully bonded with Fc receptors. One good use for IgE based drugs will be the treatment of asthma. At the moment, most asthma inhalant treatments aren't targeted at asthmatic symptoms directly enough, often leading to side effects. A more pointed approach will see a more comfortable treatment developed.

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