What do we call molecules formed by two of the same kind of atom?


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The types of molecules formed by two of the same kind of atoms are called isomer molecules (or simply, isomers). Examples of substances that contain the same atoms, but different basic patterns of atom structure, include the monosaccharide fruit sugar, fructose, and the simple sugar known as glucose.

• About molecules

Molecules represent the smallest possible measurement of a unit (of a single element of a compound) in the scientific fields of study known as chemistry and physics. Molecules will be composed of one atom or more, and each molecule will have its own atomic structure, which has been mapped out by chemists and physicists through decades of intense scientific study. In the chemistry field, the term molecule may also represent the molecular weight of the unit being studied.

• How to learn more

In order to learn more about atoms and molecules, a course of scientific study in chemistry or physics (or both) will be required. Often, the basics of understanding molecules (and atoms) will be taught during the middle grades, or in high school. More specialized, detailed knowledge of atoms and molecules will develop at a post-secondary education level, when advanced physics and chemistry are studied at college or university.

Scientific knowledge contributes to many different areas of progress, from pharmaceuticals that save lives, to building space shuttles that carry astronauts into orbit. The best and brightest physics and chemistry students will absorb facts about atoms and molecules, and use them to create stunning new inventions that spark the imagination and create a whole new world.

Learning more about these scientific principles can be as easy as going to a library and picking out a textbook about atoms and molecules, or watching science-oriented television programs about the atom or molecule. Understanding atomic structures gives students a deeper understanding of the nature of things.

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