Why do we have to study Office Procedures of Business Ethics? Please answer. I NEED IT BADLY.


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Work ethics [Office and more] are important and so it multiplies up into Businesses. Would you like to work for a Business that was amoral, lacked ethics and just say fired you on the spot. If business is underhand, then would you keep the customers? It was Immanuel Kant who said 'Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was every made' - Procedures of Business Ethics give a standard of communications, of service, that's absolutley essential.Whether it is Big Business or Small business. We all have individual ethics, things we would not do, and Businesses need procedures. And if it is a fair and square way of working ethically, the company tends to build up a good name. Like if you can find it cheaper, we'll refund the difference - I know a store that has that in its procedures - ethics. In short it relates to giving the customers what you say the product is and not short changing them. Hope useful Divine

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