What Does Ethical Responsibility Mean?


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Morality and ethics are about the difference between what is right and what is wrong. For example if you are overweight say 30 stone and you decide to eat a whole chocolate cake you have a moral and ethical responsibility.
Not only are you overweight and seriously need to diet but morally it is wrong to eat the whole cake because it is extremely bad for you and will just pile on the pounds. Ethically should we take drugs? No. Should we consume 20 pints of beer and then drive? No. It is this moral responsibility that we face on a daily basis.
We have a duty to ourselves to decide what is right or wrong and behave accordingly. Self-knowledge was considered necessary for success in ancient times right back to the era of Sophocles and Aristotle who allowed us to ask questions and discuss.
A person who is self-aware will act completely within his capabilities to his pinnacle, while an ignorant person will flounder and encounter difficulty and choose the wrong path. To Socrates, a person must become aware of every fact relevant to his own being and his pursuit of self-knowledge. He underlined that people will naturally do what is good, if they know what is right. Evil or bad actions are the result of ignorance.
You should be held accountable for your actions and the action of those around you according to your morals and general upbringing. If your parents raised you the right way you will have good ethics but if you have only seen bad ethics this will lead you to ignorance and stealing, taking drugs and getting into general mischief. It is this ethical responsibility that is instilled in all of us depending on our experiences.
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Ethics is basically a study that deals with proper conduct of individuals and good living. It differentiates between right and wrong and promotes the concept of good life that is satisfying and according to moral conduct.

Now Ethical Responsibility is such a kind of responsibility that  is outlined by the concepts of Ethics. These responsibilities must be undertaken in order to promote a good living standard not only for yourself but also for the whole society. Ethical Responsibility is not imposed by law, it is imposed by the moral and social values of a society.
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In my opinion ethical responsibility is being held accountable for your action and the action of those around according to your morals and upbringing. For example if your parents raised you not to litter and you are a school teacher and you  teach your students not to litter then you are  being ethical responsible. Because you are attempting to apply, teach and instill into other your morals and what you consider to be right for the world and humanity.
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In my opinion it means we are responsible to think about the philosophy lying behind our traditions and not to throw them away just claiming that they are expired.

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