Find pH of a solution of 0.14 mol/L of NH3. (pKb = 4.74)?


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The PH number for a solution of MH3 (ammonia) with 0.14 mol/L will be 11.19; this calculation can be worked out with a calculator or computer program, or it can be produced instantly via an online PH calculator. By punching in the data in your question, you can get an immediate answer about whether or not your guess of the PH of this ammonia solution is correct. Here is one online example of a PH calculator:

If you choose this method, you'll simply need to plug in the information you have about the ammonia solution; then, you'll hit the Calculate button to get an answer. If you want to cross-reference, learn the mathematical formula for coming up with a PH number, and then do the equation. Once you have your answer, double-check the result by plugging information into the online PH calculator; if you have a match, it's a pretty safe bet that your answer is one hundred percent correct.

  • More facts

These sorts of equations are math equations, but they are generally used in the study and practice of chemistry. Ammonia is a compound with the alphanumeric designation, NH3; to learn more about other chemical compounds and their properties, pick up chemistry textbooks and study the various compounds and their purposes.

  • Study is needed

Generally, students in high schools or universities who choose chemistry as a subject will be in a position to understand the concept of PH as it relates to these chemical compounds. It may take years of study and effort to memorize all of the chemical compounds and to figure out how they are used to create scientific formulas that are used in solvents, medicines, and other solutions.

There are lots of websites devoted to chemistry on the World Wide Web, and some of these are bound to discuss the relevance of PH in the world of chemical compounds.

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