A homogeneous mixture of two substances in a single phase is a(n) _______?


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A homogenous mixture of two substances in a single phase is a solution. Solutions are usually composed of chemicals, and they may also contain inert (non-active) substances. One example of a commonly known solution is saline solution, which is used for a variety of purposes, such as soaking and cleaning contact lenses, or spraying in the nostrils to clean and moisturize the inner nose and treat allergies or other health problems. Saline is a solution of salt and water. Saline may also be used in intravenous (IV) bags, to help the body recover from or resist dehydration. Solutions can be heavily medicated or quite mild and basic. Solutions will always have a special pH level, which can be ascertained through a particular scientific mathematical formula or equation.

  • Learning more

To learn more about solutions, you'll need to study chemistry. Solutions that are sold commercially usually begin their "life" in science laboratories, where chemists experiment with mixes of chemicals to create the right balance and get a particular end result. Solutions may be used for industrial purposes, or they may be used in households as cleaning solvents, window cleaning sprays, etc. Learning basic chemistry and understanding how the properties of various chemicals react with one another can be the start of becoming more adept at understanding how to create and work with solutions.

  • Online resources

There are plenty of terrific chemistry resources on the Internet - for children, science websites offer educational, age-appropriate experiments that may deal with the creation of solutions. Bill Nye the Science Guy is one example of a popular TV host who also runs a science-based website that is appropriate for young readers/views. For adults, a simple Google search for "chemistry solutions" or "chemical solutions" will bring up thousands of exciting options.

With trial and error, it's possible to find great resources for learning about solutions - on or offline.

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