Which Is An Example Of Homogeneous Mixture?


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Homogeneous mixture is a one of the type of mixtures.These are those mixtures which can't not be separated or they don't have any specific boundary for separation.So the better answer is Table vinegar.
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I think Fro0t_lo0p needs to go back to school. Hydrogen and Oxygen don't MIX or DISSOLVE. They form bonds. And thus, that is NOT the correct answer. :3
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Aqueous solution of alcohol
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Hydrogen and oxygen
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The option no B is a typical example of a homogeneous mixture and it is a typical soil sample. Because soil is all and its material is all the same.
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I'm having the same problem with the same question. My Mom says vinegar, and I see a few people here agree with her. Did you ever find out the correct answer?

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