What is the used of the wing top in the laboratory?


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A wing top is used in the laboratory with a Bunsen burner to make a flat, broad flame. One of its purposes is to bend glass, which is possible because the heat from the flame is spread out uniformly over a large area.

  • Wing tip

A wing top is also known by the name 'wing tip'. It is made from metal and is triangular in shape, which is how it is able to make the flame spread out. Obviously, the reason that it is made from metal is so that it can withstand the heat from the flame.

  • Adjustable

It is possible to adjust a wing top so that the level of heat can be altered and also so that it can be applied exactly where it is wanted. Because it is an accessory, it is possible to remove the wing top from the Bunsen burner whenever a flat flame is no longer necessary, though care should be taken when it is removed to make sure that the person handling it does not receive serious burns.

  • Laboratory equipment

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