What Is The Function Of Wing Top Laboratory Apparatus?


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The main purpose of wing top laboratory apparatus is to change and adjust the shape of the flame that comes from a Bunsen burner. It is also often said to resemble the 'fish tail' burner. The size of the flames can be changed simply by adjusting the wing top cover.

As it can be used to make the flames become wider rather than rounder (which is more common), it is often used when shaping and bending glass - the flames can be spread across a wider surface area as they become longer and wider. This will cause the glass to melt and this makes it easier to mould into other shapes.

• What does a wing top apparatus look like?
This apparatus is triangular in shape, is quite long and is usually made of metal as it needs to be able to withstand high levels of intensive heat. You can find some examples of what it looks like on the following link or by doing a search on the internet:
• Where is it found in the laboratory?
As the equipment was designed to work with a Bunsen burner, it will more often than not be found fitted over a Bunsen burner. It can also be removed when there is no need for wider flames.
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Used for laboratory

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