What Is The Meaning Of Wing Top (laboratory Apparatus)?


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You would use a wing top in a laboratory with a Bunsen burner. It will give a broad, flat flame (like the one that you would get if you used a fishtail burner), and its purpose is to spread the heat from the flame out over a larger area so that it is more uniform.

To use a wing top, you place it over the top of the Bunsen burner so that the flame spreads out, and it is commonly used to bend glass tubing more easily.

If you are studying chemistry and are unsure of the uses of the different, but usual pieces of apparatus and equipment that you find in a laboratory, this is a good site to look at: If lists, in alphabetical order the more usual things that can be found in a lab, gives a photo of the item so that you can identify it more easily, and then a brief description of what it is used for.

It also covers many aspects of chemistry and so could be very useful for a student, but if you need a little light relief, they also have a fun page that is all related to chemistry. This includes jokes and different games that you can participate in whilst at the same time learning a thing or two. There is also a message board so you can swap thoughts and ideas with other people who are in the same situation as you are, which means that you could also find out what other people think of the subject and whether they have any learning tips that could be useful.

If you really love the subject, there are also links to other chemistry sites and to any current news  there may be.

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