Identify different sources of Information That may be used when preparing written communication?


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A variety of information sources could be used in the preparation of written communication: The Internet; books; newspapers; videos - even people. An individual could use these sources to gather information in order to write what they need to. For instance, a student may use the Internet to do research for a written college project. A historian may study old books to write about events that occurred in the past. Informational sources are everywhere, and are usually free for exploitation, so written pieces are easy to produce based on information found.

  • The Internet

Up until around two decades ago, the idea of the Internet was still foreign. Nowadays, almost everybody uses it, particularly as an information source. The Internet is now the main port of call for the majority of those carrying out research. It contains an unimaginable amount of information regarding a variety of subjects. In fact, many alternative information sources can now be viewed on the Internet - for instance, via online newspaper archives.

  • Books

The old fashioned method of finding out information; using books is still very popular when it comes to carrying out research. Textbooks in particular, as well as non-fiction works, can be very useful tools. A vast range of informative books can be found in public libraries across the United States.

  • Videos

Non-written informational sources such as videos can also be used to prepare written communication. They may, for example, show interviews with various notable individuals. These could then be interpreted and described in a piece of writing.

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