What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Oral And Written Communication?


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Both are forms of communication and both have their usages but it is relative to the situation you are in with regards to the decision about the most appropriate form of communication that you are considering on adopting. Oral communication can be more persuasive and you have an opportunity to win the trust of your audience by exuding sincerity. You also have an opportunity to address any queries that may arise as a result of your oral dissertation. So that gives you an edge as far as oral communication goes. People have a tendency to trust what they can see with their eyes and hear with their own ears and comparatively written words are more inert, they're dead and may not be able to convey the full scope of your communication. However, the major shortfall of over communication is that any consensus reached may not be legally binding and unless you have witnesses or keep a track of the conversations through recording the agreement would not hold. That's where written communication kicks in. In case of written communication you can enforce a policy, get a binding agreement and document all that has been agreed upon. It is easier to reference written documents in comparison with oral communications. So, when it comes to exact a more professional message and get it documented with an iron clad consensus written communication is more effective.
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There are many advantages and disadvantages of oral and written communication. When sending a letter it is a direct and personal way of sending information, so the person receiving the information has got everything down in black and white and can refer to the letter and get information. The disadvantages are that a letter sent through the post could get lost before it even reaches the person, so that particular person won't receive their information and this could lead to missed appointments or confusion. The candidate could also lose the letter. This means that they don't have the information that they need and they don't even have the number to get the information as it is on the letter. The disadvantages of written communication are that it Takes time, expensive to prepare, no immediate feedback, this method is less personal. The advantages are that more accurate way of communicating, easy way of communicating. The advantage is getting your point across clearly and without confusion. No one can misinterpret the written word if it's written bluntly and to-the-point.
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Advantage of Written- can be used for evidence and comprehensive and accurate and formal.
Disadvantage of Written- no immediately feedback and time consuming.
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Disadvantage of written communication
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Disadvantage in written communication is time consuming, no sincerity, expensive to prepare, impersonal and so on
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Advantages of Written Communication:

Some people are shy and introverted. Writing is a gift for such people and through it they can communicate effectively.
Written message in the form of a book or handout can reach out to many and speak to each one of them personally and directly. It does not require much manpower and is relatively inexpensive.

The risk involved is comparatively trivial in some circumstances such as distributing Bible tracts in places where Christians are persecuted.

It can go almost anywhere. For example, in the ministry of the Church, by post it can go to many places where a missionary could never enter.

Unlike verbal communication, a written communication does not have a foreign accent.

It repeats the message over and over again.

It presents the message at the readers' convenience and time.

The reader can read or study any particular point of the message that captures his attention.

A written message is always there. It does not rest or sleep. It does not take coffee or lunch breaks or takes vacations.

In the form of a book, it can give the a person hours and even days of continual reading for leisure or acquisition of knowledge.
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1.people are usually more willing to talked than to write. If the interviewer is skillful enough and is able to establish rapport-a friendly,secure relationship-with the subject, he is likely to draw from the interviewee certain types of confidential information which the letter might be reluctant to put in writing.
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Oral communication  takes less time .while written communication takes more time according to oral communication .hear we can under stand the things which apply by oral communication while we may be not understand the whole things
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Well what I think an advantage of being able to communicat oraly and writenly is that you can get your point across to some one people here are talking about letters but now a days we have the internet. A diadvantage is that if you computer or internet stops working for any reason you message will be erased.
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Well to me Oral you can forget easier and Written you will have it there for future references
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Both have there advantages & disadvantages like every thing in this world.
Advantages of one are disadvantages of other & vice versa.
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Most of our communication is non verbal, so if you are actually face to face with somebody, you couldn't hide a lot.
On the other hand, over the phone for example, you might wouldn't be able to bring youuself across as well, as the non verbal part is missing.

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