Just when you thought the economic news couldn't get any worse, a lower-than-expected corn crop yield is more than likely going to keep corn prices at an all-time high for the next year. Is our food suppy in danger?


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It looks increasingly likely as market analysts also highlight low yields for red spring wheat and soy beans (both of which are major staple crops).  Climate change and ineffectual agricultural policies are the core issues here and some form of investment and economic policy is needed to offset possible future crop shortages.  One reason why I advocate self-sufficiency in vegetables and fruit to survive a crisis such as this.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Stock up on seeds that you'll like and keep them in the freezer. Re-learn how to garden. We had Victory Gardens during the war. Often wondered why onions were planted along the outside of these gardens. Now I know.
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It was in danger when Clinton emptied all the food reserve silos during his term for overseas communities so we have no reserves now in the US

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