Can Volcanoes Erupt Silently?


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Yes! Amazingly, some volcanoes can erupt silently. Well, near enough anyway.

Currently in Ecuador, the country's Tungurahua volcano is putting on a spectacular display, sending plumes of hot ash up to two and a half miles into the air, and hurling lumps of molten rock as far as a kilometer in every direction. But amazingly, it is doing all of this almost silently.

This is not to say that this volcano's placid facade means it is any less dangerous than any other volcano, and officials in the area have ordered an evacuation of locals, just like they would any other volcano.

Vulcanologist are shocked by the quietness of the eruption, but say no less respect to this most powerful of forces of nature.

For spectacular footage of the eruption, and to take in the eerie silence yourself, check out the video below. Enjoy!

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Nina Taylor answered
Well I a volcano erupts because the plates are moving under ground (the world is built of big plates like in the photo)
As the plates move the magma starts to bubble even more which causes the volcano to erupt.the more movement from the plates the bigger explostion.Also it some times is how much lava is in the magma chamber.
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Yes its very possible if the volcano doesn't have pressure built up for too long.
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Apparently the original ash plumes and subsequent ashfall were not accompanied by much noise at all. The recent Strombolian eruptions are extremely noisy.
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Biruh Assegede answered
It's possible if there is an opening for the lava to come out through without bursting the earth open then there's no need of big sounds.
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I thought a volcano which was erupted silently was the ones which were the ones given into science classes you know the ones where you add a bit of fizz to make it look like its like lava flowin out except the colour was see through.

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