How Do Volcanoes Erupt?


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Volcanoes erupt because of formation and rise of magma. Magma is the molten rock which is formed below the earth surface. The individual magma droplets join together to form greater masses and start moving upwards because of very high temperature inside the earth. The magma is accumulated in underground storage reservoirs known as magma reservoirs. When temperature further rises, this magma comes out to form another layer to the erupting volcano and finally it comes out of the mountain and the results in eruption of volcano.
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Tectonic plates in the ground collide which allows magma to flow out from the ground, when magma reaches the top it becomes lava. Gases also escape from a volcano which makes a wonderful display.
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The molten metals and gases lying in the centre of the earth expand due to the great heat and they exert great pressure from the inside to force themselves out of the earth's crust.They are not able to get out easily,but at places where the earth's crust is weak,the molten material gushes out with great force.It goes high up and then falls down forming a mountain or a cone.Such a mountain is called a volcanic mountain.
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When you make a volcano's shape, place a good amount of baking soda in it. Now when you want to make it explode, simply add half a beaker full of vinegar to it. You will see a lot of effervescence and froth come out of the volcano.

Actually vinegar and baking soda react to form carbon dioxide which makes the mixture bubble a lot. As these bubbles form, the volume of the mixture increases and it comes out of the volcano. We can call this angry lava coming out of the volcano.

If you want to add some color to the lava that your volcano throws out, try adding some red and yellow food coloring to your baking soda. It will mix with the soda and your lava stream will turn out to be a nice color.
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The reason volcanoes erupt is because the magma is less dense than the rock so it rises and once it reaches the top the gasses and water leave and the eruption starts.

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