How Many People Work At The Eden Project?


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The Eden Project employs around five hundred full - time staff who were recruited locally in a job - starved area. Out of this total 75 per cent were previously unemployed and 40 per cent are over 50 years in age. The most important aspect of this manpower recruitment is the role of volunteers. These volunteers are required to render their services seventy two hours every year and their roles are, a.) to provide a connection between the visitors and the project, b.) to augment public knowledge of its activities and charitable status, and c.) to emphasize its effort in conservation, education, and sustainability. They are expected not to have any prior awareness about the project and they will be provided with plenty of support and training by its competent staff. Participation in training events is important because it will give them the opportunity to converse to all the visitors in an informed, yet informal manner.

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