Who Invented The Computer ?


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Charles Babbage, I`m not really sure of that though, I just guessed
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Charles Babbage was the man who designed the first computer (1791-1871), but he did it without electricity or electronics!
So he did invent the computer sort of with the design work, but he didnt phisically build it!
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Charles babbage usually gets credit for inventing the computer but it can be argued that he did not invent the first computer. The first computer may have been invented sometime between 10 and 70 bc by hero of alexandria. It was a device that performed an automated play of over ten minutes. Al-jazari built an astronomical clock in 1206 that's considered to be the first programmable analog computer. In 1801, 36 years before babbage, joseph marie jacquard invented a series of punch cards that a textile loom would follow. These cards were easily changed and programmable. Much like the punch cards on the big computers my dad worked on in the 60's. Then came babbage in 1837 and the rest, as they say, is history ;) lol!
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The invention of the computer can not be attributed to just one person because it is a complex machine and various things were contributed by various people to its development. Its started in the 1840’s when Charles Babbage who developed an analytical engine that stored information on cards but did not involve the use of electricity. Even a hundred years later in 1940’s, people ere still looking to develop a machine like a calculator whose sole purpose is to do calculations. The machine called ENIAC was made in 1943 which was a very large calculating machine. Then a machine called colossus was developed which was used for deciphering codes in the war. Alan Turing also contributed to this but in 1945 people started thinking that this machine can do much more then calculations and the focus then turned to develop a universal machine. Later on various modifications were added that led to the development of computers.
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Charles babbage

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