Who Invented The Pencil?


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Nicholas-Jacques Conte
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The history of the invention of Pencil is very old. It is basically a drawing or writing instrument which is usually made from Graphite.

The invention of the basic form of pencil can be attributed to Ancient Egyptians and Romans. They used Stylus which was actually a think stick of metal that was made from lead and was used on the early form of paper.

Graphite was discovered in the year 1565 in Cumbria, England. The locals used it for marking sheep. They also found a way to make them into sticks. They were wrapped in String or Sheepskin.  Thus, England started to become the world's biggest producer of pencils at that time. This continued till 1860.

Meanwhile, in Germany efforts were made to use powdered graphite in manufacturing of graphite sticks. The Italian couple Simonio and Lyndiana were the first people to create the first blueprints of the modern pencil. They used wooden holders for holding graphite stick. Their method for making pencils is used till date.

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Graphite came into widespread use following the discovery of a large graphite deposit in Borrowdale, England in 1564. Appreciated for leaving a darker mark than lead, the mineral proved so soft and brittle that it required a holder. Originally, graphite sticks were wrapped in string. Later, the graphite was inserted into hollowed-out wooden sticks and, thus, the wood-cased pencil was born! 
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N.j. Conte
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N. J. Conte, in 1795, successfully produced pencils - after the later
famed Faber family of Nuremberg, Germany, failed to do so - by using a
pulverized graphite base to create a substandard, crude prototype of a

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