How Does The Latitude Location Affect Paris, France?


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The location of Paris is Latitude:  48° 51' North, Longitude:  2° 20' East. Hence we know it lies in the temperate zone which should have cooler and milder climate. Hence Paris experiences a continental climate. Additionally it is also affected by the North Atlantic Drift, and thus this bustling capital of France enjoys a temperate climate that generally does not experience very high or extremely low temperatures.      Temperatures see an average yearly high of about 15 °C, and yearly lows around that of 7 °C. However, in recent past this region has experience some extreme temperatures due to the heat wave of 2003 and the cold wave of 2006. Highest temperature around 40'C and lowest temperature of around -29'C have been recorded. However, one must note that these are exceptions.    Rainfall is quite unpredictable and showers may happen at any time. Snow rarely happens and when it does it is generally during the coldest months of the year i.e., January to March and it does not pile up.    All the above mild weather conditions experience in Paris is because it does not lie in the torrid zone (< 23.5' Latitude) but lies in the temperate zone.

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