What Months Are The Seasons Of Paris, France And What Are They During That Time?


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The seasons of Paris follow the pattern of most of the Europe of the North.
Winter startts in November, however towards the end of October the leaves will already have fallen and cold winds
can blow in from the alps. IWinter can be foggy, and damp. Snow may fall within the city, but generally only on the high alps. It continues through December and January, February and early March. People are wrapped up in coats and scarves and sitting in cafes and bars. Chestnuts are roasted and sold on the streets.

Spring arrives in mid march with the buds and all the bulbs of tulips daffidols and other perennials arriving. The days are still crisp, but the sun powers though. People are out in the parks shaking of the gloom of winter with the arrival of a hotter sun. Bicycles come out, and a feeling of joy is in the air.

Summer arrives offically after easter, by now the sun is really hot,and can reach the high 30sC and all the leaves on the trees have covered walkways in parks, and people lay sprawled in parks for lunch or on park
benches. Flowers bloom in a riot of color. The heat can be oppresive within the city, as airconditioning pushes out hot air
into the streets to keep it cool inside.

Autumn arrives in late September and is often the shortest season, the leaves start turning into golds and reds, the winds come up, but the weather is fabulous still and many enjoy the less intensive heat.

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