What Countries Have Similar Climates?


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Latitude is not necessarily a good indicator of a similar climate, eg The British Isles - Same latitude as Newfoundland yet tempatures rarely go below -5 C - much warmer than newfoundlands -15 approx. Ocean currents are the main influence here.
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Most any where you go in the world you will find a place with similar climates. I live in Arizona and from the people I know that did service in Iraq they say it is similar! Of course they have camel spiders and we have black widows and tarantulas. England is a lot like the North Eastern States as is the South of France and Italy a lot like California. Since you don't state where you live or what your looking for get a globe and spin it from where you want to be and go around the world in the same line and it should be pretty much as you would like it to be.
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That is a really great answer. Texas lines up with Israel.
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Thanks. Have fun where ever you end up going!
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I once read online that Flagstaff and Jerusalem were almost exactly the same climate. I wish I could find that link again. The reason i thought about it this morning is that it is April 11th in the week of passover and it is snowing right now. It made me wonder if it could have been possibly snowing when Jesus hung on the cross or even while He was in the grave. Becky

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