Can You Give Me General Description About Deserts?


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The word desert literally means "un occupied". It is not necessary that in all cases deserts are unoccupied, many people live there. That's true fact that most of us are not well aware about different facts of deserts. For example it's our perception or imagination about desert that they consist mile after mile of desert. That's not true about deserts they are not only covered by sand. Sand represents only small percent of the total desert area. In Sahara, which is the largest desert the sand is present only up to 10% of the surface whereas the sandiest of all desert, Arabian about 30% is sand covered. They are mostly composed of barren rocks or stony ground. Another incorrect perception about deserts is that they are lifeless, although life is present there. Desert plants differ widely from place to place but all of them have some features which are common as they have developed adoption tolerant to drought. Example of such plant is Xerophytes .It has waxy leaves, stem that normally reduce water loss. Some have small leaves or none. In some cases, there root in soil extended to that depth, so that that can get moisture. The stems of the plants are thickened so that they can store water until the next rainfall.
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Deserts are areas of land, usually in very hot climates, that consists only of sand, gravel, or rock with little or no vegetation, no permanent bodies of water, and erratic rainfall.

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