2. Universal Indicator Is Used To Detect Acids/bases. Draw A Line To Represent PH Values And Label; (strong Acid, Weak Acid, Strong Base Weak Base And Neutral), Include The Universal Indicator Colour And Examples Of Substances?


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On a typical pH test, acids will be yellow-red, a neutral solution will be green and basic solutions will be darker shades of green.

Strong acids include HCl and HBr. Weak acids include HF and HC2H3O2. Also, lemon juice is a weak acid. A neutral solution has equal hydroxide and hydronium concentrations, so it could be a mixture of a strong and weak acid, or water. Basic solutions are soaps. A strong basic solution would be NaOH, CaOH2, etc. Drain de-clogger is an example.

I suggest you pay attention in class, or read in your book, next time. Paying attention to chemistry is extremely important.

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