What Happens When A Strong Acid Reacts With A Weak Base?


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Are you looking for a general description, titration curves, how to calculate the resulting pH, or ...? In the general sense, a strong acid fully dissociates (lots of H+ ions), while a weak base only partially dissociates (not as many OH- ions). Combination will result in an acidic solution and a salt (also called an acidic salt) -- for example, ammonium chloride salts from HCL (strong acid) and NH4OH (ammonium hydroxide) ... Specifics dependent upon the quantities involved, of course.
There will also be heat generated by the reaction. You can think of water as a weak base -- you pour acid into water, and not the other way around, because the water can absorb the heat generated.
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You did notice this answer was posted 3 years ago, right?

The example given in the original answer could be written:
HCl + NH4OH = NH4Cl + H2O

Or, as NH4OH is often written as NH3(aq), or NH3.H2O, it could also be written:
HCl + NH3.H2O = NH4Cl + H2O, which effectively reduces to HCl + NH3 = NH4Cl

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