What Body Parts Connect The Digestive System To The Circulatory System?


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Primarily the lining of the small intestine - along with the villi, which creates a larger surface area - are responsible for absorption of processed chyme( water, and nutrients) to be transferred to the circulatory system.

Here is what I wrote in a PP presentation freshman year... (no fair stealing):
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"The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine, and the area where the ducts of the pancreas and gallbladder inject bile and other enzymes that help to rapidly break down food particles for digestion. The chyme stays in the duodenum for about an hour after eating (Turley. 2007), it is then passed on to the jejunum, the second part of the small intestine, and the place where chyme stays the longest, several hours in fact, during the process of digestion. By the time the chyme reaches the ileum, it is almost completely digested and the nutrients and water can finally be absorbed through the intestinal lining with help from the villi; tiny, scraggly hair-like structures that protrude into the lumen creating a larger surface area with which to complete the absorption process; amazing, but what happens to the particles that are not absorbed? That is where the large intestines take over.

The large intestine is filled with “puckered pouches” (Turley. 2007) called haustra that allow it to hold a lot of undigested waste and water, and it is responsible for absorbing excess water and moving the waste through the cecum, colon, sigmoid colon, and finally the rectum where it is expelled through the anus"

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