What Are The Parts Of Digestive System?


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There are various parts of the digestive system which are:

  • Mouth or oral/ buccal cavity: The digestion process starts from the mouth where the teeth grind food into smaller pieces and saliva is secreted that moistens the food and the tongue rolls it.

  • Esophagus: when we swallow food, it moves into the esophagus which is like a tube that transports food from the mouth to the stomach. There is a trap door called epiglottis that closes when we swallow so that the food does not enter the windpipe that is why we can not swallow and breathe at the same time.

  • Stomach: when the food enters the stomach, it is further broken down by releasing chemicals like hydrochloric acid and enzymes. After 3-4 hours the food becomes chyme which is cream like in appearance.

  • At the same time the digestion process is supported by the liver, pancreas and gall bladder so they are parts of the system as well.

  • Small intestine: Further breaks down and digests the food that can be absorbed by the body.

  • Large intestine or Colon: Any bigger parts left undigested or nutrients not absorbed are processed here so that only feces are left.

  • Rectum: the temporary storage facility of feces.

  • Anal canal: through which feces move out from the body.
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I want all the different part of digestive system

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