What Landforms Are Located In Brazil?


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Brazil's topography is divided into two main parts, is 500 meters above sea
level plateau of Brazil, located in southern Brazil, the other is the plains
below 200 meters above sea level, mainly in the northern Amazon basin and the
southeast coast. The whole situation into the Amazon plain form, Paraguay basin,
Brazil and Guyana highland plateau, including the Amazon plain area accounting
for about 1 / 3. Have Amazon, ParanĂ¡ and San Francisco three major river
systems. Amazon length 6751 km, running through Brazil's north-west, in Pakistan
valley area of 3.9 million square kilometers; Parana river systems include the
Parana River and Paraguay River, flows through the southwest, over rapids and
waterfalls, is rich in water resources ; San Francisco river systems in the full
2900 km, flows through the arid northeast, is the region's irrigation water. A
coastline of more than 7400 km, a width of 12 nautical miles territorial sea,
exclusive economic zone of 188 sea miles outside territorial waters. Among them,
the Amazon plain is the world's largest plain, Amazon is the world's largest
rivers of water, Brazil is the world's largest highland plateau. Sao Paulo is
the largest city in the southern hemisphere. Tropical climate in most parts of
the southern parts of the subtropical climate. Amazon Plain, average annual
temperature of 25 ~ 27 degrees, the average temperature of the southern region
16 to 19 degrees.

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