Can Anyone Tell Me About The Landforms Of Pakistan?


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Pakistan is blessed with a varied landscape. There are high mountains, flat plains, barren deserts, valleys, plateaus, forest and vegetation and a good river system. Pakistan has beautiful mountainous landscapes in the Northern Areas and on its western borders. The Himalayan Mountains are the highest range in the north east of the country. The highest peak is K-2 at the height of 8611 meters. Nanga Parbat is the second highest peak in Pakistan at 8126 meters.

The Karakorum Mountains and the Hindu Kush mountains lie to the north of the co8untry. The height of these mountains is between 3000 to 4800 meters above the sea. Pakistan has the largest concentration of high mountains in the world with over 121 peaks. It also has the longest ice glacier outside the Arctic region.

Roads and tunnels have been cut through the mountains to provide a passage and travel route. There are other smaller mountain ranges like Suleiman Range, Salt Range, Koh Safaid, Toba Kakar Tange, Kirthar Range, Makran Coast Range and the Waziristan Hills.
The valleys are flat lands between mountains. Valleys are fairly hot in summer and cold in winter. There are many valleys in Pakistan. These valleys are Azad Kashmir, Swat, Chitral etc.
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There places and land ,mountains,and ,rivers,valleys,and lakes ,and oceans ,just the land and things about that place

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