What Are Major Landforms In El Salvador?


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El Salvador is profuse in large landforms, and include rivers, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, islands and rocky bays and all of these things make the country a beautiful, picturesque place.

El Salvador is a mountainous country that is home to two large ranges that begin in the north of the country and stretches to the central areas of the country.
As you move into the more southern regions, you'll notice that the land flattens slightly, and instead of large ranges and sweeping mountains, you'll be greeted by more coastal towns, beaches and bays.

As well as being home to mountains, the north of El Salvador is dominated by around 20 volcanoes - most of these volcanoes are extinct but there are just two or three that are still active. Any visitors worried about eruptions should go to the area with ease, as experts say that the chance of a major eruption is very rare these days.

There are lots of rivers in El Salvador and where there are some large, vast rivers, most are small. Rivers are scattered across the country and the most famous and most well-known river is the Lempa. It flows south across the centre of the country and flows into the Pacific ocean.

There are also many volcanic lakes that are usually surrounded by large mountains. One of the most well-known lakes is Lake Ilopango which is very close the capital city on the east.

The country has also built a dam on the Lempa River, and that created the new world-renowned Cerron Reservior.

There are many landforms in El Salvador, not forgetting Cordillera del Balsamo, the huge mountain range that ranges across the entire country and the beautiful Picacho Peak which is enclosed within a beautiful state park.
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I don't know but I know they have lots of lakes
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