Who Is Ayub Khan And What Development He Achieved In Pakistan?


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Ayub khan came into power when he declared martial law in 1958 and exiled iskandar mirza to London. He was our fifth president from the time of quaid-e-azam. He was the commander in chief of army staff in the period of ghulam muhammad. Ayub khan made a lot of developments in pakistan in his era. He introduced agriculture, industrial and social reforms in agricultural reforms he said that 500 acre land irrigated and 1000acre land unirrigated should be present with landlords and no land should be present less then 12.5 acres. He built three dams and provided loans to the farmers and encouraged the use of machinery but it was not affordable by every onein industrial reforms he signed an RCD with turkey and iran to improve trade with them. Mineral development corporation was set up and national oil refinery was established at karachi.

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