Could A Human Live On The Planet Uranus ?


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No a human being can not possibly survive on the planet Uranus, given it's current state as it entirely hostile and incapable of supporting any biological life. The temperatures on Uranus are too low and drop as low as -227 degrees Centigrade. Besides that there is no free Oxygen in Uranus's atmosphere for us to breathe. The wind speeds are generally too high which we are not accustomed to on Earth. Besides that, like other Jovian planets the gravitational forces are too strong on Uranus and would likely crush a human being under it's gravity.
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Surface gravity on Uranus is about 0.89 g, so would not pose a problem for a human.

On the other hand, surface temperature is on the order of liquid nitrogen temperature (76 K), so nitrogen and oxygen have condensed out of the atmosphere. All that remains is hydrogen and helium. Both the temperature and the composition of the atmosphere would be quite hostile to human life.

Wind speed depends on latitude, so there is a zone where winds are not too different from those on Earth.
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