What Is Artificial Gravity?


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In a gravity free space satellite there is no force that can force any body to any side of the spacecraft. If this satellite is to stay in orbit for a long period of time, this weightlessness can hamper the performance of the astronauts present in the spacecraft. They might experience difficult sin doing their work as most of the time they would be floating around the craft. To overcome this difficulty and to make life easier for the astronauts, the concept of artificial gravity has been introduced.

Now the question is what is artificial gravity and how is it produced. Well it's similar to the gravity on earth but the only difference is that this force is produced artificially. How is it produced? Well, the spacecraft is set into rotation on its own axis. The astronauts are then pressed towards the outer rim and they exert a force on the floor of the spacecraft in a similar way as on the earth. The frequency of the craft about its own axis which is used to create artificial gravity like that on the earth is given by the formula given below:
f = 1/2(3.142) x (g/R) ½

This artificial gravity enables the crew of the space craft to perform its functions in a normal manner
Several geostationary satellites are setup in orbit at various places. Each one covers 120 of longitude. The earth can be covered by three satellites place in correct positions. These satellites receive their energy for transmissions and receptions from solar panels fitted on them. The largest satellite system is managed by 126 countries and is known as International Telecommunication Satellite Organization (INTELSAT). It operates at microwave frequencies of 4,6,11 and 14 GHz and has a capacity of 30,000 two way telephone circuits and 3 TV channels

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